Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Protector

God's protection in Psalm 91 has been true to me...
verse 11 & 12 say,
"For He will commands His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways, they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.."
Today, I was supposed to go for a shopping trip with my mum and my younger sister which I have planned few days ahead. At the last minute I have decided to cancel my plans and went to church instead just to hang around while waiting for Arden.

That same night when I was back home, my mum told me that they had met with an accident. I was so shocked over the discription of the whole accident. When their car was going down a slope, a car from behind has hit them causing the car to skid. They rammed over the divider and ended up at the opposite lane with cars coming at their direction. The car was badly damaged especially at the back. It could not even move and needed to be towed.

Usually (I would say all the time), I will be sitting at the back seat of the car. I could imagine how it would be if I had been in the car at the time of the accident. Thank God for the protection over my mum and my sister. Just an inch in front, their car would hit the light pole and they would have ended up in hospital as what my sister claimed.

I thank God for His protection. I think it was God's divine appointment that I have escaped from this accident.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sharing the Gospel in Hakka

On the same day where my mum agreed for my baptism, she asked me to pray for my grandma. She said that my grandma was being disturbed by evil spirits. This was an opportunity to share gospel to her! I was so excited by then, but at the same time was timid and worried about how and what to share. My grandma knows Hakka and Cantonese only, moreover I am used to speak to her in Hakka. Means, Hakka gospel?!! Ooo, alamak... That was challenging. O God, I prayed You will give the words...

I grabbed my buddy, Arden to go with me and my mum. When we arrived at my grandma's house, granny was watching TV and mum started busily cleaning the house. I got plenty of time to share with granny, but words just couldn't utter from my mouth. About 1 hour passed, words still stuck from my lips. Felt so timid, didn't know how to start it and kept on pushing Arden to share with my granny. Time got harder when my mum has finished the house chores. It was even more difficult to share with my mum's presence.. sitting right beside us... Oh no, God...

There it comes! My grandma was telling about the evil spirit that disturbed her. I started by asking her whether she wants a prayer. Not even answering my question, she continued her ghost story again which I has listened few times since I stepped into the house. (aiya, old people..long winded...)

I interrupted her and said, "granny, don't have to be afraid. If you have Jesus in your heart, the thing would not disturb..." (in Hakka!) I wished to continue, but granny pointed to the ceiling and telling about her ghost story again. Arden and me were laughing by then... (sigh..old people..)

I continued on with my half past six Hakka, "granny, if you have Jesus in your heart you don't have to scare of that thing, they will scare of you because Jesus is God, in you".

Immediately I asked her response whether she wants to have Jesus in her heart. She declined at first and said gotta asked my uncle first. I persuaded her that it is her own decision to accept Jesus. I asked her response for the second time and this time she agreed. I explained to her what a sinner's prayer is about and led her to that prayer (in Hakka of course!)

Praise the Lord! This is my first experience sharing gospel to a 81-year old folk in Hakka! A wonderful experience and most of all what is so joyful is to see a soul saved.

Thank God that His promises are faithful and true...

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved- you and your household."
(Acts 16.31)

He has added a soul into my household...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Baptism

I just got baptised on 23/12/2007. I felt so happy because I could be baptised finally after praying for years. My mum objected me from baptising for the last 3 years despite my explanations to her.
Until this year...

I was so determined to be baptised with my mum's blessing. I prayed again and submitted the matter to the Lord. I have asked my mum's permission again early of this year. She did not give me a definite answer, but from her facial expression showed that she disagreed.

When the time comes for the dateline of submitting the baptism application form, I have submitted it by faith, hoping that somehow God will make it happen.

About 5 days before my baptism where I was just about to ask for my mum's permission again, she instead turned to me and said, "you'll be baptised this year right..." (with a smiling face). Wow, praise the Lord! I leaped in joy that finally she agreed...

God has made things happen at the right place at the right time, I can't help but just be blessed.
"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose
under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Getting ready for the bath... I was the first one to go in that day

I'm very excited! Please hurry up, the water is so cold!

Ahh! I'm so clean and fresh...